Kinoa is a startup born in Florence in 2016 from the idea of ​​a group of young creatives. The desire was to create a living workshop that develops innovative projects and solutions starting by merging our interpretation of the present, our knowledge of the past and a clear vision of the future.

The products and services offered by Kinoa are the result of a work carried on by a team with multiple and diverse skills, ranging from scientific and IT disciplines to economic and social sciences.

The working method of Kinoa departs from the constant experimentation of the most recent technologies, such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, augmented reality. These are our raw materials, supplied by qualified partners like IBM and Microsoft. We have learned how to handle such materials and our first creations are a living testimony of that.

For Kinoa, these technologies are only the basis on which we build and shape the finalized solution for our customer. Alongside the developers work, there is in fact the work of those who, after a careful reading of the socio-economic context, are able to tailor the product on customers’ needs.


In our activities, we are supported by research laboratory Data Life Lab, founded by Kinoa together with the University of Florence, the laboratory focuses on the study of young people’s behavior and their relationship with new technologies.

Understanding the transformations of our present is fundamental, for this reason we have created a School of Innovation through which we carry out training and consultancy activities, dissemination through events and publications, and workshop organization  for young people.

Our Creations

The first project developed by Kinoa was Kimap, the first navigator for people with motor disabilities. Kimap shows users the most accessible way to reach a destination, thus breaking down the informative barriers for many citizens. Accessibility data is collected automatically by users’ smartphone sensors (during navigation) and processed by proprietary technology patented by Kinoa. The automatic collection of data from the users themselves has allowed Kimap to be available globally.

Kinoa’s attention to young people has led to the launch of KibiGO, an experience dedicated to young inventors who are give the opportunity to develop new ideas through a format that combines experimentation of new technologies, financial education, virtual currency and creation of real prototypes. For KibiGO we have developed a dedicated blockchain and a virtual currency, the Fiorino, which allows us to certify every activity within the training experience.

Thanks to KibiGO we have cultivated young talents that have helped us developing our first products equipped with virtual assistants. The first creation, Calinda, is a drinks dispenser equipped with a voice assistant and AI that is able to fulfill the requests of those who want to have a simple drink or a cocktail. After Calinda, iFrame was created a digital canvas equipped with artificial intelligence. iFrame can listen to the requests of those who want to admire a painting and it shows it in a few seconds on a high resolution screen integrated in a handcrafted frame made by a Florentine artisan. It is possible to ask iFrame to see a single painting or a gallery of art masterpieces by the same author, and in a few moments it will show what is asked.


Cofounder - CEO
Lapo Cecconi
Partner - CTO
Tommaso Rossi
Partner - Community Manager
Armando Dei
Partner - Project Manager
Ester Macrì
Gabriele Cannarozzo
Virtual Assistant Developer
Riccardo Romoli
Blockchain Developer
Lorenzo Filippelli
UI & UX Developer
Francesco Mazzola
Francesca Menici