In 2016 a group of young creative people, with the support of some entrepreneurs, gave life to the start-up Kinoa, an innovation workshop that develops creative and innovative projects starting from its own understanding of the present, of the past and the future.

The working method of Kinoa starts from the constant experimentation of the most recent technologies, such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, augmented reality, combined with a careful reading of our society. This logic follows every creative process in Kinoa and allows us to create effective solutions that make technology an instrument to support people in the transformations that are taking place before our eyes.

The main project of Kinoa is Kimap, the first navigator for people with physical disabilities. It offers to users a navigation app that identifies the most accessible path to reach a specific destination. Accessibility data are collected automatically by users’ smartphone sensors and processed by proprietary technology patented by Kinoa. The automatic collection of data from the users themselves has made possible to make Kimap available to a global community.

Our attention to young people has recently led to the launch of KibiGO, an experience dedicated to young inventors who are offered the opportunity to develop new ideas through a format that combines experimentation with new technologies, financial education through use of a virtual currency and the creation of real prototypes to be launched on the market. For KibiGO, the startup Kinoa has developed a dedicated blockchain and a virtual currency, the Fiorino, which allows each activity to be certified within the experience.

Furthermore, Kinoa is the founder and technological partner of the joint research laboratory with the University of Florence Data Life Lab. The laboratory combines social sciences and technological research to study young people behaviours through new formats that make use of social networks as atools for investigation.

The main stages

March 2016
foundation of Kinoa
June 2016
Kimap project development begins
January 2017
Tuscan Big Data Challenge Award for Kimap project
June 2017
Release of first Kimap.Pro mapping app
July 2017
First Crowdmapping event in Italy
October 2017
Set up of DataLifeLab
November 2017
Awarded the “Fiorino d’Oro dell'innovazione” by the City of Florence and “Cambiamenti” Award by CNA Toscana
Kimap patent filed
February 2018
Release of Kimap navigation App
May 2018
Kimap presentation at Bruxelles Euro Parliament
July 2018
Launch of KibiGO project
The story continues...


Cofounder - CTO
Marco Scarselli
Cofounder - CEO
Lapo Cecconi
Tommaso Rossi
Community Manager
Armando Dei
Project Manager
Francesco Acciai
Project Planner & Public Affairs
Giulio Poggiaroni
Project Manager
Ester Macrì
Content Editor & Media Relations
Cosimo Francesco Biliotti
Gabriele Cannarozzo

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