Virtual assistants are digital coworkers which, thanks to the Artificial intelligence, are able to talk together(interact) with humans by writing and speaking.

The virtual assistant offers superhuman performances together with an extremely human-like simulation of interactions with real operators. Talking to an artificial intelligence brings the opportunity to interact in a completely revolutionary way with technology.

What can we do for you?

Use Cases

What can I use a virtual assistant for?


Virtual assistants are the best solution to offer technical support to your own clients, partners, employees. Thanks to the cognitive services they are able to give  effective answers and perform tasks for the users.


Virtual assistants represent the new way to make research and systematic monitoring, even through social platform . Thanks to the virtual assistant is way easier to reach the sample and collect multimedia geolocated real time data.

Full assistant

The  Full Assistant is the full stack solution which integrates both the support bot and the monitoring bot functions in a single system. Thanks to the Full Assistant users can ask for info, support and get interviewed through questionnaires and small multimedia surveys.


Discover all the support functions

Sentiment Analysis

Analyze users mood through their answers

Media sharing

Make use of multimedia like photos or videos

Operator switch

Switch the conversation to a human operator


Train the AI using huge datasets

Smart Actions

Make actions with a conversational interface

Smart Informations

Provide informations through a virtual concierge


Discover all the monitoring functions

Instant surveys

Collect data in a fast way with small surveys


Make structured research and reach the sample easily

Real time dashboard

Check what users say in real time

Dynamic monitoring

Collect data dynamically over time

Multimedia data

Collect images and videos from your users

Events monitoring

Enable data collection on specific triggers

Static Reports

Check the progress with static reports

Text Analysis

Analyze content and emotions from users’ answers

Our solutions

What can we realize for you with a virtual assistant

Native apps

App for smartphone iOS, Android or web portals

web app

Applications, widget and integrable web portals


Electronic devices hyperconnected with integrated virtual assistants

Social messaging

Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Viber and a lot more

Phone and SMS

Send or receive SMS and vocal chats from a virtual operator

Smart Assistants

Interface with Google and Amazon’s smart assistants

Raw materials

Our raw materials are the technological tools developed by our partners, industry leaders, used to build safe and scalable conversational interfaces, which exploit the artificial intelligence state-of-the-art technology.

The power of AI adapting to every context

The smart virtual assistants integrable with Google Home

Conversational app integrable with Amazon Alexa

The power of Microsoft Clouds and cognitive services