At Kinoa, we love to study and analyze the world of innovation, discover how it evolves and stay up to date on the latest developments. In this process, we want to involve our customers and our collaborators but also all the young people with whom we come into contact during our initiatives. In particular, the relationship between young people and technology is the main research subject of the Data Life Lab, a joint laboratory between Kinoa and the University of Florence.

For this reason Kinoa organizes training, sharing and consulting events, participatory activities and innovative experiences.

Consulting and training

Individual or group meetings with our experts to discover the latest news from the world of technology and innovation and how these elements can be exploited in real life and business

Participatory activities

Innovative methods where we mix  technologies with participatory methodologies in schools, public policies, active citizenship and territorial planning thanks to the ten-year experience of the partner reteSviluppo.

Social network workshoop

Initiatives and courses on the conscious and responsible use of social networks, “Social Challenge” activities in schools using Instagram in collaboration with Data Life Lab.

Company traineeships

Innovative traineeships for students from high schools using the KibiGO format, conceived by Kinoa, which combines technological design with financial education.

Kinoa Talks

Thematic events open to our customers and collaborators during which we discuss together a specific topic according to our vision and our expertise.


Paper publications, available also on our blog, which explore our world through the reflections of our team members related to 5 areas of interest: Business, Technology, Data science, Youth and Europe.