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What is KibiGO

KibiGO is the new technological project (patented) of the Florentine start-up Kinoa. Young boys and girls are offered the opportunity to develop new ideas through a format that combines financial education and the experimentation of new technologies. Participants will be able to transform their ideas into prototypes ready to conquer the market. All this is made possible through the use of a virtual currency within the KibiGO experience.

The protagonists of KibiGO are young people between 15 and 25 years old, with intuition, creativity and willingness to deal with the most innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence, Arduino, virtual reality and blockchain, on which the virtual currency is working.

The KibiGO experience

To join Kibigo, applicants can send a request via the dedicated web portal, telling who they are and why they should be chosen to participate.

The selected candidates will be divided into teams of 6 people and each team will be assigned a budget of virtual coins, the “Fiorini”, which are used to carry out all the transactions within the Kibigo experience.

At the end of the 4th level, the participants must prepare a final presentation, of their projects and prototypes, aimed at conquering an audience composed of all the actors involved in Kibigo. It is the decisive moment to evaluate the potential of the idea and test the communication skills of our young participants.

Along their path, the participants are tutored by the Kinoa team and are allowed to attend the presentations of other teams, from which they can draw inspiration.


The Blockchain of ideas

A central piece KibiGO is the blockchain, a database distributed among all the participants that, thanks to its structure, certifies in an unchanging way the transactions and the activities made by our participants. The new KibiGO blockchain was specially developed by Kinoa in order to ensure security, transparency, accessibility and immutability. All this was made possible by IBM, one of Kinoa’s partners.

The transactions stored in the KibiGO blockchain are made using the Fiorino, our virtual currency. The blockchain safely collects the stories of ideas, from how they were born and evolved, to the final presentation. In addition, all the activities and courses purchased on the platform by the participants are certified in a real curriculum, useful for the future of our young participants.

The Fiorino

The whole KibiGO experience revolves around a virtual currency: “Il Fiorino”, the currency of creativity. His name is a tribute to the ancient currency that allowed the flourishing of creativity and innovation in the ancient Republic of Florence.

Each team within Kibigo is entrusted with a budget of 500 Fiorini in their virtual portfolio, they can spend such resources throughout their experience, buy training, services and goods from the Kibigo internal platform.

Using of the Fiorino, our participants get a first taste of financial education, in fact, a conscious use of the initial budget offered to the inventors is essential for the success of the project.

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