Blockchain is a new technology which allows to build a safe network where a group of users can exchange data. Thanks to blockchain you can build a social network based on a ledger, owned by every participant, on which information, digital values and registered contacts, can be exchanged. All data exchanged can be tracked and is extremely safe.

Blockchain is a decentralized system which is not owned by a single entity, it’s the technology itself which ensures that all rules are being observed and guarantees that participants can trust each other. Blockchain guarantees that every operation will be accounted for on the ledger, only after all the members have approved said operation. Once the operations has been approved the system will record the location and chronological data which can’t be manipulated and is traceable.

What functions can we provide you with?

Use Cases

What can I use blockchain for?

Customer loyalty

Build a community where participants can exchange a digital currency, which is mutually agreed upon by users

Supply chain

  Build a system to certify  the origin and the production process for a certain product    

Supply chain

Discover all the functions to certify a supply chain


Involve every supply chain participant


Make a digital representation the supply chain’s assets

Smart contracts

Track the asset’s movements


Show only public information


Choose who does what in the blockchain

Customer loyalty

Discover all the functions to create a customer loyalty network


Open access for customers to an exclusive network

Digital currency

Convert points into a real life currency

Smart contract

Participants can unlock exclusive benefits


Share only what you want to be shared


Allow loyal customers to climb the ranks


Build a series of activities which relate to your project

Our solutions

What can our blockchain program do for you

Native app

iOS and Android applications based on blockchain technology

Web app

Web applications and portals that allow for the integration of blockchain

IoT devices

Using various sensors, smart devices collect data on a blockchain network

Raw materials

To build our blockchain we make use of various resources provided by our partners and social beneficiaries, who supply us with the latest technology.

Hyper Ledger technology for B2B blockchain

Public and private blockchains using Corda, Ethereum e Hyperledger

Ethereum or Hyperledger Blockchain and a secure singular database monitored by decentralize operator.