Our partners

To realize our creations, we work in partnership with the most innovative firms and institutions in the field of research and technology.


The technologies we use to tailor the perfect solution

Smart Mobility

Collection and analysis of geo-localized data relative to roads, urban itineraries, countryside itineraries for the creation of interactive maps rich of information and value for the development of navigation systems.


Ecosystem management through the use of a digital register distributed among all the network participants. Information can be exchanged and tracked in a safe way without the need of centralized certifying authority.

Virtual Assistant

AI as on operator that talks to users via chat or voice, using a natural and clear language in order to widen the interactions with technology.

Our Creations

What we have created merging technology to our vision

Smart mobility


The first navigation app for people with motor disabilities. The app shows the most accessible route to reach your destination. Kimap learns from the user community and continually refines the routing engine.
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Training experience for boys and girls between 15 and 25 years old that combines the use of new technologies to financial education and prototype creation. All the transactions and operations realized within the experience are stored into a dedicated blockchain register.
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Assistente virtuale


Digital canvas where art and technology are merged together. iFrame is equipped with a virtual assistant that allows the canvas to answer to the users’ requests. Thanks to the AI, it will be possible to ask the canvas to show a specific painting or a series of images.
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School of Innovation

Kinoa organizes training events, infodays, participatory activities and innovative experiences for young people.

Training and Consulting on new technologies

Workshops in Schools and Company traineeships

Dissemination of ideas and reflections on Innovation via publications

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